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A voice
Well then, there is no other way out... I have tried for so long to avoid the lights and in the meanwhile to lead an out-to-the world sort of life.

Always believing that no one is good enough to save the world and that most heroes are dead. Individualism was the main goal for me. getting out in one piece, just having a life as normal and hidden as possible in a country with a liberal system to match my own convictions.... Puh!

The thing is, I just wanted the blog to be a place to practice a hobby, to write... a faithful friend and a diary to keep record of the days... I just wanted to exist..

But I was so blind!

The fact that I just exist in my place and time is in itself a struggle! All these past years I have been struggling without even realizing it...

I will always be in the danger zone no matter how much I try to escape to a safe haven.

If I stop writing and talking, I am confessing -in acts rather than words - to be guilty of all that my society accuses me. An innocent doesn't hide like criminals

And if I escape and get the easy life, Egypt will always haunt me. I will live in shame for leaving without an explanation, of not holding up till the last moment... I will forever blame myself for my discourage.

Yeah... I knew it will get down to this one day or the other... Huh!


I have finally agreed to go on an interview with a European magazine... with full name and exposed face!

They offered the nom-de-plume and hidden pics... But I said no!

This is the end of a phase and the beginning of another.

I prayed so long for someone to speak for me but nobody did... now, I am going to speak for us all

Fingers crossed... deep breath... Here I go... directly into the fire.

Wish me luck!

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I commend your enormous courage for deciding to do this. Good luck! You're going to need all of it! But I believe you can manage.

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