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Just don't make the mistake of thinking economics is a science. At best it's a social science, in reality it sits best in the humanities.

hmm, humanities, that's actually more attractive than looking at it from the basic scientific aspect... I really am falling in love with economics!

Like Abom is saying below, economics is fundamentally a study of how humans interact with each other.

Economics is more about psychology than maths and formulae. And I do mean mass psychology. If you take that approach to economics, you'd begin to see things that weren't readily visible before.

Really? I love psychology... Mass psychology would tell me how people act and react!! Man, this is like my weakest point! an isolated man like me finally getting to know about people is priceless...

I am already starting to feel more enlightened and I haven't even read two chapters! damn it! I should have done this years before!

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