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Dreamy straight guys in a gay dream!
I wish I could explain the strange phenomenon of gay men being attracted to straight guys, having fantasies or dreaming of having it with a straight guy.

Almost all gay porn sites - and even in the ads that everyone gets to see no matter what his/her preference is - have those shinny ads about straight men drunk and doing it with gay men or a broke, straight guy doing it with a gay guy for money - I even got an ad in my inbox about a site called! - or in another case an old guy sucking a straight guy's dick or a famous porn star who've been working for like a hundred years in straight porn finally finding out that he's curious as to how it feels to stick it or take it up in the rear from another man.

Our modern literature - if we dare to call the gibberish cheap so-called novels of the past three decades - are full of look-a-like stories of a perfectly straight man, a family guy who suffers from certain "domestic" problems - be it a dead wife, a run-away wife...etc- getting to meet a gay guy, finding out about his sexual preference, feeling first confused then curious to end finally in bed with him and after bed we all know the same old stupid ending of head over heals lovers living happily ever after.

Even our erotic fiction didn't escape the curse. Hell no! I can even risk - with quite a vast safe margin - saying that erotica was the entrance corruption took to destroy the modern spirit of our literature. As I just explained above, the structure of the story is just the same, only with a specific attention focused on the "bed" thing.

This has to be the only possible explanation! Sexual fantasies leading to romantic follies! 'cause I personally believe that any gay guy who describes himself as a man who only falls in love with "straight" men to be crazy and entitled to a long long process of psychoanalysis! It's even funnier than the usual shit [yeah, pardon my French] a man reads in all those profiles on gay dating networks about guys who indicate that they are 100% top in bed and in the same time declare, quite confidently, that they are only interested in hot hard-core sessions with only other top/active guys. I mean, What the FUCK!

What is wrong with us? Is it the way we were raised from the start, a vestige from the guilt-complex we all have to get through to finally accept ourselves? Does it feel less sinful or more respectable in society's eyes to have sex with straight men!

Or is it an inferiority complex?

I recall once being told by an acquaintance -who defined himself as 100% gay- that he loved dating bisexual men; not all bisexual men of course, but specifically bisexual men with passive preferences. He said and I quote "I just love dating bisexual bottom men. How amazing it is to have a bisexual man coming to me, taking off his clothes and surrendering for my lust! How ecstatic I get to fuck him just the same way he fucks his woman; to make him mine just the same way he makes her - his! there's nothing in this world hotter than fucking a bisexual man!"

Am I the only one noticing the deep-seated inferiority complex in those words!? It's as clear as the sun or I am delusional and should be instituted! He feels so inferior to men fucking girls, simply because society sees them as his superiors; because his mother, family, friends and whoever else he cares for would spit in his face if they knew how much he like dick. So he takes sweet joy in the best revenge he could ever imagine; fucking one of those womanizing fellows, womanizing the womanizer!

Not only that, the statement above shows us a typical example on a popular trend of thoughts as old as the existence of homosexuality -i.e as old as life - namely, abstracting the whole concept of homosexual relationships into the mere act of penetration; in simple terms, despising bottoms/receptive men and basking in the glory of the tops, the men who womanize other men!

Do we feel so inferior to straight men that we dream about fucking them in the ass to feel superior or at least as accepted as they are!? I think this is a good theory except that it doesn't answer the other fundamental question about the other way around; i.e. If it's really a matter of inferiority complex and superficial views on the physical act of homosexuality, then why are there many gay men who dream about being fucked by a straight guy?

It can't be related to superiority and inferiority in this case. But I think we won't go so far away to explain that kind of aberration. I think it again goes back to the guilt-complex.
Top guys tend to fight, to compare themselves, or better yet, their ego, to straight men: They fuck... so what? we also fuck!  again the superficial view of the act quite very obvious: It's all about who penetrates, be it a vagina or an anus or even a female anus, it really doesn't matter!
While bottoms tend to "yearn" to be accepted in peace rather than be egoistic: If they hate us so much, maybe if they see how pleasurable being with us is, maybe if we show them how hot it is to fuck a guy, they would understand us, accept us, and hopefully, a great deal of them will run away from their cold beds to our domain of warmness!

This way it can also explain why it would be pleasurable to lots of bottoms to see a straight man getting it in the rear - from another straight man or more preferably a gay one - and, subsequently, it would be hot as hell, pleasurable beyond limit for those bottoms to see the straight man actually enjoying it, as evident from the hard-on he never loses and the hot way he moans and pleads for more, rather than the sheepish videos of real gay-for-pay young guys who would watch a straight porn movie until they get it hard, rush to the scene, turn on the cams and loose it five seconds later. Guys who scream and pretend it is just a moan! So freankin' sick!

I think these are my theories for now. If you disagree or care to add a reason or two, don't hesitate!

Enlighten us!
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Well this was quite insightful. And it made me horny on some occasions. (hehe)

One could say that erotica took our modern literature from behind and stuck it through the rear end. Figuratively speaking :)

have you read the "Fifty shades" trilogy?? such a scum retelling of another rubbish (the twilight saga) only, this time the other woman had enough sense to get the guy to fuck the girl like in a hundred different position in every book of the three rather than just concentrating all the fun in the fourth novel when the dead-vamipre-guy would pang his corpse-pride

have you read the "Fifty shades" trilogy?? such a scum retelling of another rubbish (the twilight saga) only, this time the other woman had enough sense to get the guy to fuck the girl like in a hundred different position in every book of the three rather than just concentrating all the fun in the fourth novel when the dead-vamipre-guy would pang his corpse-bride every night all-night-long!! turns out that was the reason why she made her vampires of the kind that never sleeps at the first place! ach, bless you Bram Stoker!
thank god that both novels are for straights only! phew, I would be so tired if I am in bed with an Edward or Grey fan who wants to fuck/slap me all night long!

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